Frequently Asked Questions

What is BSC?
Where is the water control layer in an exterior wall made up of metal studs with exterior sheathing and air /water barrier and exterior ridged insulation containing windows?
Where should the dew point fall in the exterior wall assembly?
What is more important for maintaining higher exterior wall performance, the water control layer or the air barrier?
What type of exterior skins lend themselves to meeting the code related to continuous insulation?
When placing two lines of backer rod and sealant at window and door jambs with an air / water barrier taped to the jamb flashing where is the main line of defense?
Should exterior sheathing, the air / water barrier and outboard ridged insulation extend over the top of parapets and tie into the same on the opposite side of the wall?
Is there a code or NFPA requirement for the exterior materials and assemblies?
Is the placement of vapor barrier and/or air –water barrier to have continuous insulation outboard the same in all parts of the USA and World?
Is there a source in St. Louis for assistance with questions related to building enclosures?
Would you like more information on Vapor Diffusion?

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